Latest PUBG UPDATE to Xbox & PS4 Improves Desync and Matchmaking – Update Info!

An upcoming PUBG Console update will attempt to improve matchmaking with server changes, map selection and matchmaking improvements. Here are the details of the upcoming update.


★ Key Update Features
– Servers are changing location to improve desync
– Map selection removed to improve waiting times
– Ping Based matchmaking removed to fix server bugs

Useful Links
★ xLunarGaming –


25 thoughts on “Latest PUBG UPDATE to Xbox & PS4 Improves Desync and Matchmaking – Update Info!

  1. cosplay is a defeat I really loved playing this game but as they introduced can't be played anymore dude gets 20 pips and doesn't lie and I get 3 pips falling strange lag as I see some guests as if they teleported or there is a feeling like a guest I'm killing you, you're just dying from 1 piece, I just don't play it anymore, because I can't get rid of this cosplay, because it's a failure

  2. Love how the animated trailer shows great gameplay but when you actually play Pubg on console its like your moving on quicksand and shooting with a blindfold on. This game should have had a complete new game engine built for console.

  3. this is the stupidest shit they could have done lol. i had no problem matchmaking on cross play in uk. (not that i wanted crossplay) i could find full lobbies on xbox alone before!
    now you cant get an xbox only game. fair do's. but to then go and remove a featured map and force us to play a random map which we are going to leave if its shit anyway is beyond backwards lol. fights between xbox and ps4 are super one sided…. its the worse thing they could have done imo. season 5 looks boring. wow they whacked a scope on the winny….. joy. a gold car. awesome. throwing pans. yay. im sorry but the sooner this game takes its last breath the better because the devs have let us down yet again. said it a million times. new guns across all maps, a new map, new crate weapons, fresh content or shut the servers down.

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